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Amanda's Story

My name is Amanda Roth, I am a wife and a mother of 2. My daughter Macie is 14 years old and my son Tyson is 11. When I am not busy with my family, I enjoy creating and crafting. My family defiantly keeps me on my toes with many new adventures. My kids LOVE to be outside and BUSY!


I joined PaperPie (then called Usborne Books & More) in April 2011. My only goal with this business was to help a friend out and to get as many free books as possible for my daughter who was only 2 at the time. Well as they say, the rest is history.... Just as I thought I had as many books as we needed, we got a new catalog. Here I am many years later with a whole new reason for being with PaperPie.

My goals with this company are to share as many books as possible and to encourage, inspire and lead other women to reach their goals and aspirations. We are all moms, aunts, grandmas, teachers or leaders in children's lives. I can help you make a difference today and give more kids access to amazing books.

Many times I am asked what my favorite product is, this is WAY to difficult for me to answer with just one book. Our very first book I purchased through this company was Gobble, Gobble, Moo, The Tractor Book. When I saw my husband who hates to read sit down and read this to our daughter and ENJOY it (gasp), I was hooked. We have had many favorites over the years including: Dan the Taxi Man, Big Book of Big Tractors, The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales, Billie B Brown Series and MANY MANY More!

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