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Where could PaperPie Take you?

When I started this business it was for a much different reason than why I remain active and selling. I started to just be able to get the books for my daughter, then I changed my "why" to be a way to bring extra money into the house, then it was a way to escape my needy infant once in a while. No matter what my "why" was at the time, this business has been able to provide for any reason I can come up with.

Unlike many direct sales companies there are no minimum sales to maintain as a consultant, I do not profit off of you purchasing a starter kit, there is no risk for giving it a try.

If you would like to chat about all of the ways that PaperPie can help you, I would love to set up a coffee time, playdate, phone call, whatever works for you. I am no pressure and full of answers so lets talk!


If you know this business is for you, you can join HERE!

If you would like to know more, check out the links below!

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