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Will you consider helping?

As the Christmas and other holiday seasons are fast approaching, please consider supporting the Usborne Books & More book drive for The Family Visitation Center!

This spring thanks to many generous supporters like yourself we were able to provide over $350 worth of books to the Family Visitation Center. 

I have again chosen to partner with the Family Visitation Center because of how important it is for the children that utilize this facility to have access to high quality educational materials. My goal this time around is to provide over $5,000 worth of books for these children, however I can't do this without your help! I have access to a matching grant opportunity with Usborne Books & More and am able to match all donated funds at 50% to truly maximize the impact of this book drive. Would you please consider giving a donation of $100 (or any other value of your choosing) so that we can provide the amazing high quality books that Usborne Books & More has to offer?!

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Are we REALLY in a literacy crisis in America? Watch this video and you tell me!!!

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Does reading really matter?

How about having books in your home?


You tell me:

     * 90% of the amount of reading you will do as an adult is for informational purposes vs leisure.


     * 85% of juvenile offenders are functionally illiterate


     * 60% of adult prisoners are functionally illiterate


     * 46% of adults in te US fall into the lowest two levels of reading making them functionally illiterate; unable to read and comprehend the front page of the newspaper.


     * The US ranks 49th among the 156 United Nations member countries in its rate of literacy.


     * A national poverty indicator is having fewer than 25 pieces of printed materials in the home.


Amanda Roth, Educational Consultant with Usborne Books & More – (605) 261-9682 –

Sources: National Assessment of Adult Literacy, US Dept of Justice, National Institute

of Corrections and The United Nations.

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